Download Map Area Stores Google Maps On Your Android Phone

Google Maps on your phone is a great way to navigate in unfamiliar areas, but what happens if there's no signal? A new Google Maps Lab feature lets you download maps within 10 miles (how very imperial) of any location listed on a place page, ensuring you have basic details even when your phone can't connect.

To enable the Download map area labs, hit the Menu button on your Android device, select more, choose Labs then press on the "Download map area" entry. (If you can't see the option, check on the Market to see if you've got the Maps 5.7; if not, update.) Once enabled, you can select to download maps from the More tab on any place page set up within Google Maps; the maps are stored for 30 days and then deleted.

There are only two other labs features in Maps for Android — a scale bar and a measurement tool. However, the web version of Google Maps has several others that are worth checking out.

“Download map area” added to Labs in Google Maps for Android [Official Google Blog]


    30 days might be a little short maybe? If your going OS for 2 months you might want it longer.

    If this would benefit you, it may be worth looking at MapDroyd as well:

    Awesome feature. I hope the third party map downloading apps (e.g Locus) won't be needed anymore.

    Would be nice if you could save it to the SD card rather than to the phone's internal memory - mine's already full!

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