• Winterise Your Gin Cocktail

    Winterise Your Gin Cocktail

    The martini knows no season, but your brain is very aware of them, and right now your brain is probably craving festive, holiday-themed treats and libations. Cocktail-wise, this usually means hot toddies, dark spirits lots of spice, egg nog, or the inclusion of candy canes.

  • You Deserve a Second Serve

    You Deserve a Second Serve

    I wish I knew how to truly savour things and prolong pleasure, specifically when it comes to things that fall under the Food & Beverage category. Maybe it’s an instinct buried deep in my DNA — a by-product of coming from a long line of war-suffering village stock — but I tend to eat with…

  • Use Kombucha to Make a Summery ‘Negroni’

    Use Kombucha to Make a Summery ‘Negroni’

    Thanks to a very detailed and helpful explainer that was recently published on this very site, I have started brewing my own kombucha. As a former brewer of beer, I have to say that brewing ‘booch is a much easier, more relaxed endeavour, and the end product does not make me sneeze. (Beer started making…