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Beautifully wrapped gifts make a great impression and look beautiful when you give them, but can be hard to do right. This video offers a few simple tips to master gift wrapping and present those perfect presents in just a few minutes.


Crafty do-it-yourselfer John Boak uses anything and everything he's got around the house to wrap holiday gifts: from those fake plastic credit cards you get in the mail (pictured), to packing foam to catalogs, newspapers and bag handles. Don't miss the gallery of gorgeous gift-wrapped packages which will make you ditch your recycling bin and hold onto every bit of colorful paper that comes into your life next year.
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If you still have your holiday presents tucked safely in your closet without gift wrap because you simply don't know how to wrap a gift properly, your worries are over. WikiHow explains that the skill of gift-wrapping is all about patience (and having the right length of wrapping paper). Once your paper is all laid out, mark your cut lines where you will be folding the paper. After placing the gift upside down on the wrapping paper, fold the paper around your gift and pull the ends tightly. Tape the folded corners onto your gift. Dress up your final product with a ribbon and a card, and then deliver the gift to the loved ones.

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Show off your creative spark by adding a bit of personality to your gift-wrapping talent. Real Simple suggests that you can supplement traditional gift paper and tape with six clever alternatives: calendar paper can replace traditional gift-wrap, jump ropes can spice up a child's gift, ponytail holders are a great way to seal up presents, wine bottles can be wrapped up with dish towels, newspaper works as gift-wrap when none is available, and photos cut from greeting cards can make your presents appear more attractive from far away. What other gift-wrapping ideas do you suggest to add flare to your presents? Let's hear them in the comments.
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Italian website Idee Montabili has a few box templates you can download, print and cut out to make your own boxes. Some of them look suitable for displaying items in a retail setting, but a couple of them are for.gift boxes. I'd print out the template, then trace the template onto some fancy coloured cardboard to make a gift box. With Christmas coming up this could be a fun DIY project for yourself or even the kids.

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Gift wrap supplies are probably the last thing on the priority list to get organised, but as we dash headlong into the holiday season very soon, it's probably a good idea to start thinking about it. Organisational blog Unclutterer suggests using a plastic organiser specifically for gift wrap supplies to make this happen; however, you could also use a simple plastic shoe organiser or a flat bin that slides under your bed for easy access. How do you organize your gift wrap supplies, if you have any? Let's hear in the comments.
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