• You’re Wrong About ‘Less’ vs. ‘Fewer’ ?

    You’re Wrong About ‘Less’ vs. ‘Fewer’ ?

    Have you ever seen that sign at the grocery store counter that reads “ten items or less” and sputtered, “It should say ‘ten items or fewer!’” and had your monocle fall off in a spasm of self-righteousness? Well, don’t call the manager yet, Professor English, because it’s not that simple. I’m gonna blow your mind…

  • Stay A While in a Fugue State With the ‘Fog-Dweller’

    Stay A While in a Fugue State With the ‘Fog-Dweller’

    I’m currently sitting in the dining room of my friend’s Red Hook apartment, at a stately and beautiful walnut table that has been sullied by the trappings of my “productivity”; laptop, papers, books I probably won’t get around to reading, a busted-but-still-functioning set of headphones, crumpled receipts and a large, partially used sheath of paper…