Listen To Our Playlist While You Write

Writing is 1% writing, 1% staring into space, and 98% doing little errands to “prepare” for writing. My favourite method of not writing is to compose a very specific playlist to “soundtrack” the thing that I’m writing. If you go hunting for the right music to write to, sorry, I’ve just ruined your excuse: here is Lifehacker’s four-hour playlist of writing music.

Pulling from Lifehacker staff suggestions, my own library, and playlists from Writer’s Digest and the Why Not 100, this is a distillation of the best music about writing, songwriting, authors, books, and the occasional letter. Listen to it while you write anything at all.

Spotify playlist and YouTube playlist below; Apple Music playlist here.

A couple of songs are missing from Spotify’s library, including Joanna Newsom’s “Inflammatory Writ” and Spoon’s “The Book I Write.” So download those two essentials on your own.

And with visuals, or at least album covers:

I am the future Youtube Playlist

OK, what great writing songs did we leave out? We’re ready for rewrites.


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