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The same guy who created the ever-crazy Super Mario 64 Online last year - which Nintendo quickly hit with the copyright hammer - is back with a brand-new creation. This time, he's taken the world of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and stuffed it full of Super Mario 64 characters. Before Nintendo's lawyers grab their Super Stars and come running over to stop him, here's how you can play Emanuar's mega-mashup for free.


Ready to relive some retro games directly in your web browser? If you're bored at work and your mind suddenly drifts to those hours you spent punching a Nintendo Power Pad as a child, don't worry. You can warp back to your youth without ever having to leave your desk. Check out some of these amazing web sites that let you play all the classics right in your browser - no emulator apps or ROMs needed.


Even though the Wanle Gamers Console case adds a bit of bulk to an iPhone - specifically, the iPhone 6 on up - it's a clever way to protect your device and give you a great Game Boy emulator you can carry around. I mean, the case even looks like a Game Boy. That's going to make for some interesting bar conversation when the people sitting near you watch you Face ID into your device, flip it around, and start throwing down some sick monochromatic Tetris moves.


HyperCard, the graphical hyperlinked Mac app that influenced the invention of the Web, was invented by Apple engineer Bill Atkinson after an acid trip 30 years ago this weekend. Now the Internet Archive has brought it back with a collection of over 3000 hypercard "stacks" that you can explore right in your browser. Each stack opens inside the Archive's emulator of an early Macintosh computer.


The Raspberry Pi is the cheapest and smallest way to emulate the old video games you still love to play. You have a few different ways of going about making your own retro game console, but RetroPie and Recalbox are two of the easiest to use. Let's take a look at their differences, and pick the best one for you.