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Very, very few sites can make a name for themselves in the "funny fake news" format. There's basically the Onion, and Reductress. Today we're talking to the one with the tagline "Women's News. Feminized." Recent headlines include "How To Stay Calm Even Though Everyone Missed What You Just Said and It Was Really Good" and "Wow! This Beautiful Woman Won't Shut Up and Take the Fucking Compliment".


I like to make my photos look like they were shot on old film, distorting the colours, crushing the blacks and even adding grain. Professional photographers probably roll their eyes, but there's a nostalgic appeal to the film aesthetic. Here are a few ways to easily give your photos that faded film look.


One of the best things about Google Photos is that it's easy to find a photo by searching, but today the service made it even easier to find that specific shot you're looking for. They have also added editing tools for Google's auto-generated movies that let you use your own music and add photos to them.


Oh, finally we can write this post. Video editors have sucked on Android for a long time. Too long. But now, Adobe Premiere Clip brings basic, easy-to-use video editing to Android. You can trim clips, mix multiple clips together, and add your own soundtrack. It's not perfect, but it's a good start.


Mac: Whether you're a writer, coder or simply spend your days writing lots of emails, text formatting is a constant need. TextFlow is a set of Automator actions that makes it easy to instantly manipulate text with options to change case, delete extra spaces and grab URLs.