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The solar eclipse may not have been visible from down here in Australia, but the memes certainly were! Twitter was ablaze with amazing photographs and the hottest takes about Donald Trump staring at the celestial phenomenon without protective eyewear. Here’s how the internet reacted.


Dear Lifehacker, for the past few months my social media feed has been filled with news about the Great American Solar Eclipse. After all the hype, I'm pretty pissed off that Australia missed out. I want to make sure I don't miss the next solar eclipse in Australia. My question is simple: When is it and will I be able to see it from Sydney?


In case you haven't noticed, much of the world has spent the day gleefully reveling in full-blown Eclipse Madness. But now that the blessed event is behind us, it's time to reflect. Here are some of the best photos and occurances from this once-in-a-century event.