The Internet Reacts To The 2017 Solar Eclipse

The Internet Reacts To The 2017 Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse may not have been visible from down here in Australia, but the memes certainly were! Twitter was ablaze with amazing photographs and the hottest takes about Donald Trump staring at the celestial phenomenon without protective eyewear. Here’s how the internet reacted.

It’s true, when one celestial body blocks out another celestial body you get incredible, beautiful photos

and Nasa had some amazing content, too

But it was this tweet that got me – the ‘Solar Eclipse On A Plane’ is unbelievable!

Neil deGrasse Tyson took a moment to highlight the efforts of science, because it’s Neil deGrasse Tyson

Apparently this all started because of some hot Twitter beef between the Moon and the Sun

Some people were watching the wrong Eclipse altogether…

This image is actually from 2012, but it’s too cool not to share:

Trump went for the No Glasses approach, despite the fact that’s scientifically proven to destroy your vision, and people tore him to shreds

This is what the POTUS might be seeing now…

Overall, it was nice that, even though living in Australia means we weren’t on the right part of planet Earth to see the eclipse, some people were able to capture it for us