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Windows: If you manage photos, music or even lots of documents, you know what its like to have copies of the same file in different folders. Duplicate Commander can scan those folders and remove the duplicates, but it can also take things a step further and replace the dupes with hard links, so you'll never open a folder and wonder where the original document lives.


Windows/Mac/Linux (All platforms with Java): Duplicate Files Searcher has a pretty modest name, but it's a powerful program for finding exact matches of files on one hard drive, across multiple systems, or on a CD or DVD compared to other storage systems. The Java-based, no-install-needed app simply has you add directories (and their sub-directories) to its list of places to search, including shared network files and removable discs. By default, the app will compare the hashed indexes of each file, and also do a byte-to-byte comparison of any potential matches found. You can also have it look for exact matches of name and date, and create pre-loaded databases of files to save time on future dupe-hunting sessions. It's also easy to switch the app's look and feel to match Linux, Mac, or Windows environments. Duplicate Files Searcher is a free download, requires a Java runtime environment to run. Thanks, jsong78!

Duplicate Files Searcher


When your hard drive's cluttered with hundreds of files in folders scattered everywhere, chances are you're using up disk space with multiple copies of the same data. Whether multiple memory card downloads have plagued your photo library, or swapping MP3s with friends who have similar tastes left you with double copies of the same songs, or you've saved and re-saved the same documents in different places, a good file de-duping can recover hard drive space and help you get organized. We've featured several free tools for de-duplicating your documents, music, pictures and more over the years here at Lifehacker. Have a quick rundown so you can declutter your hard drive today.


Windows only: Outlook Duplicate Items Remover, a free Windows utility, does its namesake job pretty well, explains how it does it, and gives you the option of undoing its changes, making it a worthy tool for a tiring task. Simply install ODIR, activate it from Outlook's toolbar, and point it at a mail folder. The app finds anything it thinks might be a duplicate, then moves it into a marked sub-folder, which you can look through, back up, or simply delete. Easy enough, and much easier than brain-wracking filters or other such dupe-deleting methods. Outlook Duplicate Items Remover is a free download for Windows systems only. Outlook Duplicate Items Remover