Duplicate Commander Removes Duplicate Files, Replaces Them With Hard Links

Windows: If you manage photos, music or even lots of documents, you know what its like to have copies of the same file in different folders. Duplicate Commander can scan those folders and remove the duplicates, but it can also take things a step further and replace the dupes with hard links, so you'll never open a folder and wonder where the original document lives.The only thing worse than having tons of duplicate files cluttering up your hard drive is cleaning up those duplicates, only to open a folder where you remember the document and remembering that you actually left the original somewhere else and deleted the one you're looking for. Duplicate Commander can tidy up the dupes for you by analysing the file's size, creation date, extension or timestamp are the same, even if they're named different things. The result is that you get a more organised, spacious hard drive.

If you're worried that letting Duplicate Commander remove several duplicate files will leave you wandering your hard drive looking for the original once one of the copies is gone, you can tell the app to replace all of the copies with hard links that are always tied to the original, even if it has moved to a new folder. The app is also portable, so you can take it around with you on a spare USB key. Best of all, it's completely free.

Duplicate Commander [RayburnSoft via Freeware Genius]


    The link to Duplicate Commander is dead, The host's account has been suspended. anyone have another link?

    Just Google it, there are other sources to get it from...

    I got it from the cnet link below but it crashes on opening. Maybe someone else will have better luck. I would really like this one to work as I have triplicates and quatr whatever it is etc.

    Maybe we could have a high five article on data deduplication apps? especially ones that don't just go by filename, but it's content.

      That would be awesome! has my vote ;)

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