Scrubly Removes Duplicate Contacts From Gmail, Outlook And More

Scrubly Removes Duplicate Contacts From Gmail, Outlook And More

If your address book or contacts list is virtually unusable because of the number of duplicates and unwanted entries, Scrubly can help tidy them up. It’ll search your contacts, and when it finds dupes, it’ll show them to you to merge, manage, or automatically clean.Scrubly supports the Mac OS Address Book, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook for Windows, and Google Apps for your domain. To use it, all you have to do is sign up for a Scrubly account, download the service’s scanning utility, and let the app do its work. Signing up for an account allows you to scan contacts from multiple services and make sure they’re all alike.

Once Scrubly goes through your contacts, it’ll present you with its findings. You can choose which contacts to merge, delete, or just take the app’s recommendations and let it clean everything up. We’ve walked you through how to fix your Google contacts before, but if you use Gmail and Outlook or the Mac Address Book, Scrubly may be able to help.

It’s free for up to 250 contacts; after that you’ll need to pay for a premium account based on how frequently you want to use the app and how many contacts you have.



  • Nice post, but what about sorting out contacts on my Android phone?
    I got my Galaxy S, and it did a great job of finding all my contacts, but not merging them, so I have a lot of duplicated contacts.
    For example, my Boyfriend: His mobile, his email, his Facebook. I have 3 seperate contacts for one person – and that’s happening right through my address book. How can I get all of those to merge to one contact with all 3 contact avenues in the one place?

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