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  • Never Try to Drive Through a Flood

    Never Try to Drive Through a Flood

    Flooding across Queensland and parts of NSW have led to widespread evacuation orders, severe damage and tragically, loss of life, too. As the situation progresses, and with research indicating extreme flooding events will only become more likely because of climate change, it is important that Australians impacted by these disasters understand one critical rule. Please…

  • How To Learn To Drive As An Adult

    I didn’t learn to drive until I was 27. I grew up in cities, so there wasn’t a great need, and more importantly I was stone cold terrified: when I tried to drive my then-boyfriend’s car at age 18, I screamed bloody murder every time I braked and shut my eyes during turns. It made…

  • The Most Common Causes Of Car Crashes

    The Most Common Causes Of Car Crashes

    As you drive along the road to grandma’s house this summer, safety should be your number one priority. No one wants their breaks marred by something like a totaled car or hurt family members. These are the types of accidents that happen to drivers the most, as well as how you can easily avoid them.