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If you think about it, many of the things we take for granted in our workplaces, that are delivered by Human Resources (HR) departments are point solutions that fulfil specific needs but don't often work all that well together. On-boarding processes bring staff into a company, there are training and development programs and a bunch of processes we need to follow that we might only access very rarely. How do those things hang together to create a great workplace experience? Digital transformation in HR is emerging as a key tool for improving employee satisfaction.


I attend a lot of technology events and participate in lots of roundtable events and panel discussions. And I get to tick off every item on my buzzword bingo card at every event. But, over the last year a new term has been permeating discussions. Digital transformation has become a common theme in everything from online services to security to marketing. Well, I'm calling it now. Like "big data" a few years ago was really just "data" attached to a hype machine, "digital transformation" is really just business as usual.