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Even at our cleanest, we are covered in germs and we are full of germs. It's ok! That's totally normal. These microorganisms are essential to our health. You probably don't need to mess with them, but if you'd like to try, the terms to know are prebiotics and probiotics.


Well, you've done it. You've gone and eaten yourself into a food coma. Your belly feels stretched beyond capacity and you can barely move your limbs. The ideal solution is no doubt to surrender to a tryptophan-induced slumber until it all blows over. But since the pleasure of a gastronomic blackout isn't always an option -- your family insists on a holiday round of charades, or your friends don't feel like carrying your limp body around all night -- what's Plan B?


Gut disorders like celiac disease, Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome aren't just complex and annoying on their own: other disorders tend to piggyback on them. If you have celiac, for example, you probably don't just have celiac -- you might have lactose intolerance or Hashimoto's thyroiditis too. This tool shows the connections.