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Telstra kicked off its T22 strategy this week launching a bunch of new plans, including an unlimited data behemoth, and introducing its new 'Peace of Mind' data bolt on, designed to save you from excess data usage fees.

The Peace of Mind Data add-on costs $10 per month and is available for all post-paid mobile plans, except the unlimited plan, which doesn't need the option. Once activated, your data service is throttled to 1.5Mbps when you hit your data limits, rather than paying $10 per extra gigabyte of data they use before the end of the month.


Back in the days when modems sounded like a goat stuck in a barbed wire fence, the amount of data we paid for was the key decision we had to make when signing up for the internet. I spent ages trying to calculate how much data I needed based on how much junk I downloaded through Limewire and Kazaa.


One of the key arguments underpinning the existence of the NBN is the idea that the internet is now an essential utility. Like water and electricity, most of us use the internet everyday, and like these other services, we expect the internet to be always on.


Got a phone but need a plan? You're in good company. According to Telsyte, two-thirds of Aussies who switched phone plans last year moved to no contract plans, and you can be sure when they run these numbers again, the proportion of SIM Only plan purchases will increase again.

In short, it's time to find the best SIM Only plan. Here are the best options for five different types of user.


Choosing an NBN plan seems easy — and it should be — but the NBN is an unruly beast and, as loads of people are finding out, it can be hard to get what you pay for.

Issues with congestion and the limitations of FTTN technology can mean that while you may sign on for a 100Mbps NBN plan, there are a number of factors that determine how frequently you’ll get 100Mbps, if at all. This isn’t to say you should avoid the NBN, just that it is worth dipping in a toe before you dive in headfirst. No contract NBN plans are the solution.


The slightly smug sounding "10" is the latest flagship Android handset from HTC. Boasting an all-metal aluminium chassis, a versatile UltraPixel camera and beefed-up specifications across the board, it's easily one of the best smartphones that the Taiwanese vendor has released in quite a while. Here are the specs, pricing and launch details for Australia.