• Why Antibiotics Don’t Work on Colds

    Why Antibiotics Don’t Work on Colds

    If you’ve been sick with a cough and a sniffly nose for a few days, you might show up at the clinic desperate for something that will make you feel better. But if all signs point to your cold being an ordinary virus (or even a nasty virus like COVID or flu), antibiotics won’t help.…

  • Do You Have Covid-19 Or Something Else?

    Although it seems like the world’s on pause, all the colds and flus and other respiratory illnesses out there haven’t read the memo. If you find yourself getting sick and are trying to determine whether you’ve got the coronavirus or some other respiratory illness, there are some ways to try to narrow it down, but…

  • How To Harness The Placebo Effect When You Have A Cold

    A cold being a viral infection, there’s not much you can do to make it go away. That means most of the remedies people swear by—think vitamin C, essential oils, elderberry syrup—are only making you feel better, not literally fighting your cold. But since feeling better is kind of the point, here’s how you can…

  • Should You Take Vitamin C For Your Cold?

    Last week I had a shocking cold. Blocked nose, sore throat, and feeling poorly. This made me think about the countless vitamins and supplements on the market that promise to ease symptoms of a cold, help you recover faster, and reduce your chance of getting another cold.