• All The Tech Driving The F1 Grand Prix

    On Sunday afternoon, hundreds of millions of motorsport fans from around the world will be tuning in to watch the Australian Grand Prix. And while the cars offer a fascinating insight into the future of motoring – many innovations start in F1 and eventually find their way to consumers – the technology behind the cars…

  • The BYOD App Deployment War

    Bring your own device might be an unstoppable trend in the workplace, but accepting that still requires IT pros to work out a strategy for dealing with making those devices actually useful for something more than email and occasional browsing. Two distinct schools of thought have emerged here: desktop virtualisation and deploying native apps. Which…

  • How BYO Device Policies Spread From Laptops To Phones

    Bring-your-own device policies are increasingly replacing the traditional “IT will dictate what you can have” approach. It’s no surprise that the most popular brand of BYO phone in Australian corporate environments is the iPhone. But which one ranks second, and why are laptops still a more common choice than phones?