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On Sunday afternoon, hundreds of millions of motorsport fans from around the world will be tuning in to watch the Australian Grand Prix. And while the cars offer a fascinating insight into the future of motoring - many innovations start in F1 and eventually find their way to consumers - the technology behind the cars is incredible.

After a day touring garages and chatting with people behind the scenes, I discovered there's a lot we can learn about managing enterprise and business systems from this massive rolling roadshow.


Citrix has launched a locally-hosted instance of their Cloud Management Control Plane. This will give companies in Australia and New Zealand local access to a suite of Citrix cloud services. This means they won't need to be "beholden to a management plane that sits in the Americas or European Union" according to Les Williamson, the area vice president for Citrix in Australia and New Zealand. This will offer better performance though lower latency and assurance that entire cloud operations can be fully managed onshore he said.



Desktop as a Service poses an existential threat to traditional VDI providers so it's not surprising Citrix is getting on board with leveraging cloud services as the delivery vehicle for their software. XenDesktop Essentials is a subscription service that allows companies to deliver and manage Windows 10 Enterprise without the need to deploy a bunch of on-prem infrastructure.


Bring-your-own device policies are increasingly replacing the traditional "IT will dictate what you can have" approach. It's no surprise that the most popular brand of BYO phone in Australian corporate environments is the iPhone. But which one ranks second, and why are laptops still a more common choice than phones?