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There’s this incredibly stupid phenomenon in Hollywood studios. When a new studio exec replaces an old one, they throw out all the old film projects in development, and they start new ones. You’ve seen this happen in your own industry (and so have I), because this is what new bosses do. They change things. That’s usually the point of putting someone new in charge. When it works right we call it reform, when it doesn’t we call it a disaster. And there’s a way to make sure you do it right.


I recently went through a “habits revamp” — I took a close look at my habits and asked myself which ones I wanted to keep, which ones I wanted to discard, and which ones I wanted to replace.


Last week, we reported on Arnott's decision to replace BBQ Shapes biscuits with a "new and improved" version that many consumers have slammed as inferior on social media. We urged you all to rush out and grab the originals while stocks lasted. Well, it turns out we can hold off on our supermarket pilgrimages -- at least for the time being.