• Bake Tiny Mozzarella Balls Into Everything

    Bake Tiny Mozzarella Balls Into Everything

    Few things are as visually appealing to me as a good cheese pull. Maximizing the cheese pull is a lofty goal — it’s what separates the great casseroles and baked pastas from the merely ok ones. Shredded cheeses work alright, but bocconcini (aka little balls of fresh mozzarella) are the key to longer, stronger, stretchier…

  • How To Make The Creamiest Vegan Green Bean Casserole

    It is both easy and apparently cool to hate green bean casserole. Admittedly, “canned green beans mixed with canned condensed cream of mushroom soup topped with canned fried onions” doesn’t sound great, but hating on something because it comes from a can reveals more about the hater than the dish itself.