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  • Instead of Criticising ‘Wokeness,’ Say What You Really Mean

    Instead of Criticising ‘Wokeness,’ Say What You Really Mean

    Spend enough time online and you’ll start to recognise the buzzwords currently standing in for broader social conflicts — maybe even before they enter the mainstream via cable news punditry and hot takes. A new “moral panic” looms with every feed refresh; commentators rail at the rise of “illiberalism”; “wokeness” is classified as a wholesale…

  • How Do ‘Acoustic Weapons’ Work?

    In recent weeks, acoustic weapons like flash bang grenades and sound cannons have come to new prominence in the public consciousness thanks to their inclusion in the arsenal of weapons used by U.S. police against protesters. Flashbang grenades, also called stun grenades, are explosive devices that emit an extremely loud bang and bright lights when…

  • Why Protests Can Turn Violent

    We have seen ten days of protests in the United States over the death of George Floyd. While thousands of people have gathered to express their outrage peacefully, some demonstrations have been marred by vandalism and violent clashes with police.