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A bad boss can make a great job into a living hell and make you want to bail out from what would otherwise be a great opportunity. A recent report looked at what makes a bad boss and how you can identify a great boss when you go for your next job.


If you're lucky, or in a good place career-wise, you don't have a micromanaging boss. But if you do, or if you've ever had one, the reason they do it is actually simple: They feel helpless. And knowing that can help you push back and get a little breathing room from them.


You have a coworker who, to put it diplomatically, has a hard time keeping their leadership tendencies in check. In other words, he treats you like he's the boss. He provides a ton of constructive feedback (even when you didn't ask for it), divides up roles on team projects (giving himself the best one) and quashes any opportunity for others to have a say.