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Ask An Expert All About Therapy And Psychology

Say hello to Dr Ken Carter, a professor of psychology at Oxford College, Emory University. He’s a clinical psychologist who knows all about what goes into therapy as well as the common, outdated misconceptions about psychology (where are all the fainting couches?).

Ask An Expert All About Dog Training

Everyone loves dogs, but that pup might not seem so cute when you come home to a chewed up sofa and trash strewn across the kitchen floor. Training is an essential part of dog adoption and ownership, as even the sweetest pooch doesn’t always behave the way you’d like.

All About Better Relationships And Dating

Say hello to Harris O’Malley, who you probably know better as Dr Nerdlove The good doctor is back to offer love, sex, and dating advice to those of us who are more comfortable LARPing than navigating relationships. Maybe I’ve said too much.