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Invoice2go is a popular invoicing solution that many small businesses like as it's far simpler to use than full-on accounting software. But there comes a time when a business grows and needs to move to a more comprehensive accounting solution. Invoice2go no integrates with Xero so invoices are automatically sent to Xero.


Whether you're running your own business, working as a book-keeper or accountant for someone else, or the the IT guy making sure the business has access to the tools they need there's one software category you have to keep in your business' application kitbag. That's accounting software. But today's applications go far further than double-entry accounting, raising invoices and producing a monthly or quarterly report for the tax office. They integrate with warehouse and logistics applications, point of sale terminals and other systems making them the heart of your business' backoffice. Two of the biggest players on the market are the veteran MYOB and Xero.


Tax time. Not the most exciting time for many people but it's something we can't avoid. Having said that, if you know how to do it right, you could be in line for a juicy tax return. Lifehacker Australia spoke with an accountant from H&R Block for some useful tax time tips.


Many small businesses rely on email to communicate with customers, suppliers and even with staff internally. Invoices are often issued and received through email so being able to easily keep track of them would be a godsend for a lot of small business owners. This is why Xero now let's small business users send and receive emails directly through its cloud accounting software through an integration with Microsoft’s Outlook REST API. Here’s what you need to know.


Dear Lifehacker, I find it hard enough to stay motivated to do my accounts, and downloading statements from multiple banks is an absolute pain in the butt. The double-handling of information just seems incredibly unnecessary in this day and age. Is there any way I can automate filling out all my Excel spreadsheets or use software to keep my books in order without breaking the bank?


The benefits of cloud access in a financial scenario are obvious, but what happens if you're working on the road? The answer is to ensure you can use the app even when disconnected, and that's an approach which has been firmly embraced by account software provider MYOB.


Online accounting software means that your financial records will be accessible from any computer and eliminates the need for constant backups and fiddly upgrades. Make the right choice with our roundup of online services for managing finances for Australian small businesses.