Invoice2go Now Integrates With Xero

Invoice2go is a popular invoicing solution that many small businesses like as it’s far simpler to use than full-on accounting software. But there comes a time when a business grows and needs to move to a more comprehensive accounting solution. Invoice2go no integrates with Xero so invoices are automatically sent to Xero.

Invoice2go has added a new set up option that allows you to connect Xero. You’ll need to log into Xero and, from within Invoice2go, give access to your organisation in Xero. You can choose which revenue account invoices are sent to, the tax options and ensure that your currency options match.

Once that’s done, when you create a new invoice in Invoice2go, it’s automatically sent to Xero with all the pertinent details including line items, customer details and invoice numbers.

Invoice2go has also recently introduced Time Tracking and Appointments features for managing billable time, customers and appointments more efficiently.

There are several benefits to this new integration. For starters, as many accountants use Xero, it simplifies the process of getting financial information, such as data for your BAS and annual accounts to your accountant.

And, if you’re planning to shift to Xero you can phase your shift over time rather than having to do everything at once.

Or, you may simply prefer the way Invoice2go works and want to keep using it while getting the benefits that come from Xero such as payroll, inventory and other functions.


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