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Exit Strategies for Young Adults Forced Home During COVID-19

It’s no secret the pandemic has wreaked havoc on our financial lives — and young adults have been among the most impacted. For the first time in more than 130 years, the majority of 18- to 34-year-olds are living at home with their parents, according to a new U.S.-based Pew…

This App Will Help You Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon

For all its convenience, online shopping’s biggest shortcoming is still the inability to see or test products first-hand before buying. So to feel like we know what we’re getting, we turn to user reviews — something any Amazon shopper is well acquainted with. It’s always smart to check the ratings…

home energy rating Icicles On The Rooftop Of A Wooden House

You Should Be Paying Attention to Your Home’s Energy Rating

Most Australian homes have been built to notoriously poor standards. The energy performance of existing homes in Victoria, for instance, averages 1.8 stars – 6 stars is mandatory for newly built homes under the 10-star Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NaTHERS). Decision-makers typically fail to appreciate the importance of a…