Twitter’s video broadcast service, Periscope, is getting some love from the social media pioneer. A few months ago they released Periscope Producer so broadcasters could use external cameras, and not just smartphones, for sharing video. But a new API allows developers to add more controls so recording can be initiated from external hardware, software, cameras and web services without the need to connect them via the app.


“Daddy? DADDY!”

I look up from my laptop. This video game was supposed to give me a precious 15 minute respite from the endless drudgery of parenthood. What the hell’s gone wrong now?



It must be really hard to make a good video game for kids.

I know this because to date, I have only played one good console game made for kids.


The ever-increasing sophistication of coding tools coupled with more powerful hardware makes "live editing" a reality in scenarios that weren't possible ten, or even five years ago. Web development is about as live as it gets and we still have yet to reach the limits of software for this stuff. Take the newly released "Quokka", which provides JavaScript coders with another option for fast experimentation... and it doesn't hurt that it's named after the Australia's most adorable marsupial.


Yesterday was Pi Day, and what better way to celebrate everyone's favourite mathematical constant than by taking a look back at everyone's favourite cheap hobbyist computer, the Raspberry Pi. Since the launch of the Raspberry Pi, I've written an absurd number of guides, blogs and an already outdated book on the variety of projects you can do with it. I've learned a lot it that time.


Browser vendors have made massive strides with JavaScript performance. Google kicked things off with its V8 engine, but since then, the likes of Mozilla and Microsoft have come back with snappy virtual machines of their own. But JavaScript can only take you so far. The next step is WebAssembly (wasm), which supports compilation from C/C++ and near-native performance in the browser. Both Chrome and Firefox now have wasm enabled by default.


It's no secret that app developers make bank in today's booming tech sector. However, the most successful ones are full stack developers, pros versed in every facet of app design at both the front and back-end. Usually, the education it takes to be a full stack developer is steep - but with this Pay What You Want: The Full Stack Web Development Bundle, you'll receive expert training at a price you control.