The Kmart Shopping Hack Everyone Should Know About

The Kmart Shopping Hack Everyone Should Know About

Shopping at Kmart is always an experience. Part of the thrill is walking in and not knowing what treasures you’ll find, whether they be viral essentials or affordable dupes of the most popular products. But Kmart isn’t always the best at putting prices on all of its items, leaving you to carry your goods to a checkout for a price check or to one of the many barcode scanners hidden around the shop.

Well, you can now forget those days thanks to a couple of nifty hacks that will make shopping at Kmart way easier.

Useful Kmart shopping hack

kmart app barcode scanner
Image: Kmart Australia

Shoppers on a popular Facebook group (as pointed out by Yahoo Australia) have been sharing their hacks for finding the price on unmarked Kmart items.

Essentially, to avoid consistently dragging your items to an in-store scanner or to a staff member at the checkout, all you have to do is take a picture of the barcode of the item you wish to know the price of and then show that picture at one of the scanners. It’s a particularly useful hack for finding the price on any large or bulky items, or if you have multiple items without prices that you wish to scan at once.

Quite a few shoppers in the group confirmed they had tried the photo hack and that Kmart’s scanners do indeed register pictures of the barcode – although for best results it’s still preferable to bring the physical item.

However, an even easier way to find the price of a Kmart item is by using the dedicated app or website. This may seem obvious but it’s not always easy to search an item on the website and find the exact one you’re looking at in-store. To avoid any confusion you can actually use the barcode-scanning function within the Kmart app (in the top right corner), which will instantly bring up the product and its price. Or, as my colleague pointed out to me, you can input the SKU number of the product (found on the barcode) into the Kmart website and that should bring up equally accurate results.

Hopefully this hack makes your next Kmart shopping trip that little bit easier. If you need any recommendations for products to pick up, check out our rolling coverage of all the best Kmart items.

Lead Image Credit: iStock/Kmart

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