Meta Is Deleting Every Oculus Account

Meta Is Deleting Every Oculus Account

When Meta (then Facebook) acquired Oculus in 2014, it wasn’t clear whether the company would slather its own branding onto products from the hip VR company. Fast forward a decade, and we have a clear answer: Already having renamed the Oculus Quest to the Meta Quest, the company is now preparing to delete your Oculus account, and all of the data you’ve amassed using past Quest headsets, unless you move it over to Meta.

As reported by The Verge, Meta sent users an email last week outlining the terms of the changes:

On 10/31/22 we emailed you regarding your Oculus account and the need to migrate to a Meta account to continue using Meta VR products. Your Oculus account is now scheduled for deletion on 03/29/24.

It’s a drastic step, but not out of the blue. Meta infamously began forcing users to set up a Facebook account to use Meta headsets back in 2020, before allowing users to set up Meta accounts instead in 2022. In January of 2023, they decreed you could no longer log into your Oculus account, so chances are most of the active Quest users are no longer using Oculus accounts anyway. However, if you still have an Oculus account tied to a Quest headset, you’ll lose a lot of data unless you move your account before the March 29.

How to move your Oculus account to a Meta account

To preserve your apps, purchases, achievements, friends, and content tied to your Oculus account, you’ll need to migrate to a Meta account. You can start by going to Meta’s setup page here. According to The Verge, you can sign up for a Meta account with the same email address you’ve used for your Oculus account, at least.


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