When Will the Apple Vision Pro Release in Australia?

When Will the Apple Vision Pro Release in Australia?

The latest release from Apple has caused quite a stir. The tech giant’s foray into VR and AR territory has been met with a mixed response, but it’s hard for Aussies to weigh in, seeing as we can’t even get one here yet. So that raises the question: when will the Apple Vision Pro be released in Australia? Let’s investigate.

What is the Vision Pro?

Image: Apple

A quick explainer for those who don’t know. Apple’s Vision Pro is the company’s mixed-reality headset, blending both virtual and augmented reality.

The headset uses an R1 chip that powers 12 cameras, five sensors, six microphones, two Micro OLED displays, eye-tracking capabilities, and spatial audio.

The Vision Pro has a range of functions. Apple calls it a “spatial computer”. You can use many of Apple’s built-in apps while wearing the headset, like browsing on Safari, taking FaceTime calls and watching movies and TV shows through various streaming apps.

It also has an Eyesight capability that mimics the appearance of your face and eyes as you wear the headset and a transparency capability that allows you to view and interact with your environment normally while wearing the headset.

When is the Apple Vision Pro coming to Australia?

apple vision pro
Image: Apple

The Apple Vision Pro is so far only available locally in the U.S. and was officially launched on February 2.

There have been no official updates from Apple on when the headset will come to other territories.

However, a rumour from reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors) suggests that Apple will launch the Vision Pro internationally before its WWDC conference in 2024. This typically takes place in June.

They claim that the reason Apple has yet to widely release its headset is supply chain issues, so once those are resolved, nothing will stop the Vision Pro from launching in other markets.

That being said, the Vision Pro is already seeing supply issues in the U.S. Business Insider reports that Apple has sold more than 200,000 units and that pre-orders instantly sold out when they opened in January. Should it launch internationally, it’s likely it will be a sell-out similar to the early days of the PS5.

However, that hasn’t stopped an influx of grey imports in Australia, with retailers like Kogan offering units from the U.S. supply. These products can be a risky investment, with the ACCC recently warning of possible warranty limitations (though Kogan has responded, stating it offers a 1-year warranty). Similarly, existing units are very territory-specific, with users needing a U.S. Apple ID account and credit card to install apps or make purchases. There are also optional prescription lenses being offered with the Vision Pro that are only available in the U.S., so you won’t get that from an imported version.

Word from the ACCC is to be wary of grey imports, so you’re probably best to wait for the official launch of the Vision Pro in Australia, whenever that may be.

How much will the Vision Pro cost in Australia?

Image: Apple

Without official local availability information from Apple, we don’t have an exact idea of how much the Vision Pro will cost here. But we can make some estimates.

The Vision Pro starts at $3,499 USD and goes up in price from there, depending on your preferred storage size. With today’s exchange rate, that equates to about $5,400. Kogan, meanwhile, is selling its imports of the Vision Pro for $6,399.

Regardless, whenever the Vision Pro launches locally, you can expect it to be expensive.

Lead Image Credit: Apple

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