The Best Podcasts About Sex, Dating, and Relationships

The Best Podcasts About Sex, Dating, and Relationships

With Valentine’s Day having just passed by, everyone is thinking about relationships, whether they’re coupled up, dating around, single, or something that doesn’t quite fit into any of those categories. Chances are it’s on your mind, too. One benefit of living in the modern age is that you don’t have to think all on your own. You can outsource the heavy work to a podcast, and listen to other people muse. 

There are some podcasts podcasts that offer valuable romantic and sexual advice, while others are less than useful, so I’d like to suggest some great ones to get started with. (I’m linking to show pages on Apple Podcasts here, but most shows are also available on Spotify, YouTube, iHeart, and other platforms, so search for them wherever you like to find your podcasts.)

Best podcasts if you’re in a relationship

Need advice on keeping your union strong or your sex life spicy? Want to know what other couples are going through and how they’re working it out? These podcasts are for you: 

  • Savage Lovecast is hosted by longtime sex columnist Dan Savage, who spends an hour answering listeners’ questions about sex, intimacy, relationships, and more, in the frank, funny style that’s made him a newspaper legend.
  • For something more tender, try The Naked Marriage. Hosted by Dave and Ashley Willis, this one lasts about half an hour and addresses topics like how to love and cherish a partner, stop fighting, and be more tolerant—but there are plenty of sex-focused episodes, too.
  • The New York Times’ Modern Love is an expansion of the classic newspaper column, diving in on real-life stories of love that can be inspiring, heartbreaking, and relatable, all under half an hour.
  • That Relationship Show only comes out about once a month, but each hour-ish episode includes interviews with marriage counselors who advise on how to communicate, stay connected through various life phases, and work through past trauma together. It’s hosted by real therapists, too, so this is more “expertise” than “anecdotal.”

Best relationship podcasts if you’re single

Single? No problem. There are podcasts just for you out there and they’re designed to help you live your best solo life instead of launching into a relationship just to get out of it. 

  • Solo, hosted by Dr. Peter McGraw, has a subheading that explains it all: “The Single Person’s Guide to a Remarkable Life.” It celebrates single living by exploring all the unique things you can do when you’re not in a relationship, like travel, start a business, or pursue hobbies on your own.
  • To listen to one woman’s post-divorce journey in a serial format, try Alone: A Love Story from Michelle Parise. There aren’t any new episodes, but you can listen to over 30 installments of her story and relate to her quest to find herself as a parent, a party-goer, and more. 
  • It’s not entirely about being single, but We Can Do Hard Things touches on self-confidence and empowerment by going deep on topics like being a child-free woman, letting go of the quest for perfection, and not repeating the same mistakes your parents made.

Best podcasts if you’re dating casually

Casual dating can be stressful. We all know that. The apps, the small talk, the possible ghosting—it’s all tedious and emotionally draining. That’s why it’s fun to listen to other people talk about it. You can laugh at their wild stories or relate to their struggles. Try these:

  • Girls Gotta Eat is a popular podcast hosted by Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg that discusses all the weird little details about dating these days, like when you’re being inundated with seeing the other person all over social media after a breakup. It’s funny, not sad, which is why it’s a winner, but be advised the episodes are long and can go almost two hours. 
  • Seeing Other People is all about navigating the complexities of dating and is hosted by Ilana Dunn, a dating expert who used to work at Hinge. Some guests are anonymous, some are well-known, and some are subject matter experts, but they all have great insights into everything from going after what you want in a relationship to getting closure from an old partner. 
  • There’s no shortage of zany podcasts hosted by “regular” people who divulge the dirty details of their Tinder dates, but for something more elevated and informative, try Where Should We Begin? It’s hosted by psychotherapist Esther Perel, who brings her expertise and experience to topics like lack of libido, why people even get married, and why dating is so stressful now.

Best podcasts about sex

Relationship this, relationship that. Whether you’re single, dating a few people, or locked down in something serious, sex is still on your mind. Here are some podcasts that are just about sex and sexuality, no matter where or how you’re finding it.

  • Better in Bed, hosted by certified sex coach and educator Sara Tang, focuses on a new topic every episode, from yoni massage to sex parties. Sexuality, kink, pleasure—it’s all there, in episodes that usually last about an hour.
  • To explore the unfamiliar through someone else’s experiences, try We Gotta Thing, which is hosted by a married couple who decided they would deepen their relationship by getting into the swinging lifestyle. They talk candidly about their experiences since changing the format of their relationship, which is both sexy and romantically fulfilling.
  • Doing It! With Hannah Witton is very to-the-point. The episodes are titled things like, “Porn” and “Sex Therapy.” The host dives in on these topics, often with special guests, to give you a frank look at all things intimate.

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