Yamaha’s Taking Me Back to 2001 With Its New Five-Disc CD Player

Yamaha’s Taking Me Back to 2001 With Its New Five-Disc CD Player

It seems the universe is always trying to push us back in time. We just saw JBL releasing a turntable like it’s 1994. Yamaha is returning to the glorious Y2K with its new CD-C603RK rack-mountable CD player.

The C603 comes with a full-opening disc tray with not one but five CD slots. It’s being able to put five CDs at once, and the uninterrupted music you will enjoy makes this gadget feel like it’s straight out of a car from an episode of Pimp My Ride.

Another feature that Yamaha has been raving about is the PlayXchange. This one lets you change any or up to four of the five CDs while the CD that’s currently playing will keep playing.

One of the two playback modes on the C603 also adds a point to the device’s uninterrupted music feature. It’s called the ‘play mode memory,’ it lets your music play even after the CD player has been disconnected from a power source. The other option is the ‘ready mode,’ which pauses your music after a song ends.

You also get Pure Direct on Yamaha’s latest release, a feature already offered on their amplifiers and receivers. It lets you turn off the digital audio output and display so that the analog audio output is of the highest achievable quality with the least possible noise interference. You can use a button on the front panel or grab the CD player’s remote.

The only downside is that you might have trouble tracking one of these in the US and UK. TechRadar noted that the Yamaha CD-C603 seems only available in Europe and Australia for €599 and $899, respectively.

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