8 Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in 2023 to Add to Your Wishlist

8 Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in 2023 to Add to Your Wishlist

The small but mighty Nintendo Switch continues to be a powerhouse gaming console and it’s only getting better in 2023. Nintendo has a bunch of hot new titles coming out for the Switch this year, and these are just a few that you’ll want to add to your wish list.

Nintendo Switch game release dates in 2023

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe

Release date: 24th February

Nintendo is bringing one of its classic Wii games to Nintendo Switch in 2023 with the remastered release of Kirby’s Return to Dream Land.

The pink puffball Kirby is back in a four-player platforming adventure that allows you to copy enemies’ abilities and wield badass weapons. Alongside Kirby you can play as Meta Knight, King Dedede and Bandana Waddle Dee.

Octopath Traveller II

Release date: 24th February

In the sequel to Octopath Traveller, you follow eight travellers hailing from different regions of a faraway realm known as Solistia. Each traveller has a unique set of actions they can use to gain skills, battle and pave their own paths in the story.

Metroid Prime Remastered

Release date: March 3

2023 heralds the release of a new Metroid game. Although perhaps not the sequel fans were hoping for, Metroid Prime Remastered offers a welcome return to a much-loved world as you follow bounty hunter Samus Aran through the eerie biomes of Tallon IV.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Release date: 12th May

The sequel to one of the most beloved games of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom continues the adventure set up in Breath of the Wild. Using Link’s new abilities you’ll be able to decide your own path in the open world of Hyrule and explore the new floating island areas residing high above.

Pikmin 4

Release date: July 21

The cute little plant fellas are back in Pikmin 4 and, with the addition of a new dog companion, this is one instalment you don’t want to miss. Guide the Pikmin across a new world using their various colour-coded abilities to explore and survive a strange planet.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Release date: 2023

Another highly anticipated sequel is set to debut on the Nintendo Switch in 2023 as Hollow Knight: Silksong, hopefully, finally arrives. As Hornet the princess knight of Hallownest, you are gifted brand new abilities to help you on your journey through the kingdom, engaging in acrobatic combat and uncovering new mysteries and secrets.

A release date hasn’t been confirmed for Hollow Knight: Silksong, but at the Xbox showcase it was announced the sequel was targeting a 2023 release.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals

Release date: 2023

It’s a good year for long-awaited sequels with the release of the Oxenfree follow-up also expected in 2023.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals takes place five years after the events of the first story and sees Riley return to her hometown of Camena to investigate mysterious radio signals.

The Plucky Squire

Release date: 2023

Based on the trailer alone The Plucky Squire looks like a must-play. The game is a blend of 2D and 3D animation and follows storybook characters outside the pages of their book as they attempt to save their friends. Here’s hoping this one sticks to its 2023 release date because it will be a sad year without it.

If you’re more of a PlayStation player you can check out some of the titles being released on the PS5 this year or keep up with the major game releases each month here.


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