Is Your Pillow Causing Acne Breakouts?

Is Your Pillow Causing Acne Breakouts?
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We all know how important a good night’s rest is, but did you know your choice of bedding can affect far more than your sleep quality? Yep, it turns out your acne could be caused by your pillowcase, especially considering how much bacteria they carry. Silk pillowcases are all the rage for a number of reasons, (including improved skin), but do they actually work? And what are the supposed benefits that make them superior to an average pillow? Glad you asked, because we’ve found a pillow slip that eliminates 99.7% of acne-causing bacteria and you can try it without spending a cent.

What are the benefits?

Sorry to ruin your day with this fact, but it turns out your pillowcase contains 1000x more bacteria than a toilet seat after just three days. This pesky bacteria can end up clogging your pores which is the #1 cause for most breakouts. Understandably, if you’re spending upwards of eight hours a day lying on something that’s riddled with bacteria, it makes sense that it’ll have an adverse impact on your skin.

You could try adjusting your sleeping position so you’re on your back or opt for a far easier solution – investing in the right pillowcase. Many brands have created a range of mulberry silk pillowcases that are clinically proven to eliminate 99.7% of acne-causing bacteria in just 30 days. We’re not saying a silk pillowcase will cure your acne overnight, but it can make a difference if you suffer from regular flare-ups and they’re certainly better than cotton.

Courtesy of its smooth texture, a mulberry silk pillowcase absorbs less moisture from the skin than your average cotton pillowcase. This is perfect for people with dry skin as it keeps it nice and hydrated (it also means it’ll absorb less of your expensive face creams and allow them to actually do their job).

Along with all the added skin benefits, a silk pillowcase can also prevent things like wrinkles and frizzy hair. Dermatologists have confirmed that the smooth surface and reduced friction with silk means less tugging on the skin which can cause creases over time. This smooth surface also allows your hair to glide over without any friction which reduces things like frizz, tangles and the dreaded bedhead look.

You can shop our favourite silk pillow cases below.

The best silk pillowcases in Australia

Gioia Casa 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Is Your Pillow Causing Acne Breakouts?

Crafted entirely out of the purest mulberry silk, these smooth, hypoallergenic Gioia Casa pillowcases will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a luxury cloud every night. Oh, and no matter what colour your bedroom is, we’re sure you’ll find a pillowcase to match thanks to the extensive range of colours on offer. These include white, navy blue, silver, pink, charcoal, champagne, red and black.

Where to buy: eBay ($42.99, usually $79.99)

Luxor Crown Mulberry Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcase, mulberry silk pillowcase, silk pillowcase australia

Not only will these Luxor Crown silk pillowcases make you feel like you’re living in one of those super cosy, luscious hotel rooms every night, but they will also help you make your nightly moisturiser go further, as well as nurture your sensitive skin thanks to the gentle and healing nature of pure mulberry silk. Like the Gioia Casa option, these babies also come in a bunch of neat, unique colours. These include deep purple (as pictured), aquamarine, lilac, pistachio and more.

Where to buy: eBay ($19.80 with code ‘AFTERPAY10’, usually $99)

Home Republic Pure Silk Midnight Pillowcase

Is Your Pillow Causing Acne Breakouts?

While these babies are a little more pricey than the alternatives (even with their sale price), they’re top of the range when it comes to comfort. Made with 100% mulberry silk, these high quality pillows are hypoallergenic, odourless and soft to the touch. If you’re worried about your cases getting worn quite easily (as some silk pillowcases do), rest-assured, these offer guaranteed silk durability. The only downside is that the colour range on this one is fairly limited with primarily pastel offerings.

Where to buy: Adairs ($71.99, usually $89.99)

Silvi Anti-Acne Pillowcase

silvi antic acne silk pillow case

If you’re looking for a good mulberry silk pillowcase in Australia, you can’t go past Silvi. They’re the world’s first silk pillowcase treated with natural silver and are said to help reduce acne, stop the clogging of pores as well as alleviate inflammation. This baby is also said to boost skin collagen for less wrinkles and fine lines and prevent split ends for smoother, frizz free hair. They’re also safe for all skin types and are made from chemical-free, breathable, mulberry silk.

Where to buy: Silvi ($89)


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