Is Zack Snyder Now an Oscar-Winner Thanks to the Fan Favourite Awards?

Is Zack Snyder Now an Oscar-Winner Thanks to the Fan Favourite Awards?

The 2022 Oscars were chaotic for so many reasons. Putting the obvious ones aside, this year the Academy decided to introduce a couple of new fan favourite awards that would be voted upon by the public. The result was Zack Snyder walking away with two honorary Oscars for ‘Cheer Moment’ and ‘Fan Favourite’. But do these count as real Oscar awards?

What are the fan favourite Oscar awards?

The Oscar fan favourite categories are a shameless attempt for the Oscars to appeal to a wider audience. The Academy knows that not everyone is interested in the films they nominate each year, so in an effort to bring in a larger viewership, they came up with the idea of Fan Favourite awards.

These awards are designed to allow more “popular” films to walk away with a prize and also allow the general public a small say in what happens at the Oscars.

The 94th Academy Awards ceremony marked the first appearance of these new categories which included Oscar Fan Favourite and Oscars Cheer Moment.

How are they decided?

Voting for these Fan Favourite categories was open to the public. Well, any of the public that is on Twitter, that is.

Through a partnership with Twitter, The Academy calculated votes for its Fan Favourite awards based on the films that received the most posts with the hashtags #OscarsCheerMoment or #OscarsFanFavourite.

Twitter users could tweet their submissions up to 20 times a day.

Do the fan favourite awards count as real Oscars?

army of the dead
Image: Netflix

This year’s fan favourite Oscars were a complete win for Zack Snyder, which isn’t surprising considering his vocal Twitter fanbase.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League walked away with Oscars Cheer Moment for the Flash’s entrance into the speed force and Snyder’s other 2021 film The Army of the Dead snagged Fan Favourite film.

Other popular films like Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Matrix and Cinderella were also recognised as runners up.

Does this make Zack Snyder an Oscar winner? No.

While the Fan Favourite Oscars were showcased live during the awards ceremony, they are not considered real Oscar awards.

The merit of an Oscar is generally so high because it is voted upon by members of the Academy, aka other filmmakers working in the field. Seeing as it was fans rather than Academy members who voted on this award, it’s not considered a true Oscar award.

There were no golden statues handed out or speeches made for the fan awards. In fact, the only thing they really seemed to do was extend the already long runtime of the show.

Some lucky fans who voted, however, will walk away with a ton of prizes, including the chance to present a real Oscar at next year’s ceremony.

Whether the Fan Favourite awards will return to the Oscars next year remains to be seen.

If you’re wondering who won an actual Oscar statue at this year’s ceremony, we’ve rounded up all the Academy Award winners for you.

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