These Personalised Birthdate Candles Are the Perfect Gift for the Zodiac-Lover in Your Life

These Personalised Birthdate Candles Are the Perfect Gift for the Zodiac-Lover in Your Life
Image: Birthdate Co.
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Do you have a friend in your life that is obsessed with all things New Age and spiritual, including tarot cards, numerology, and of course, astrology? Forget gifting them a sachet of crystals to recharge or a moonology diary. Instead, buy them this personalised birthdate candle, which features a dedicated description of their true character, backed by their zodiac sign.

Created by Birthdate Co., these astrology-inspired candles are made from an all-natural soy and coconut wax blend with fragrances innovated by master perfumers. Made in the US, they are lovingly hand-poured into reusable glasses with a cotton wick. Each candle offers about 60-80 hours of burn time, according to their website.

Altogether, there are 365 candles — one for each day of the year — with a scent that “matches your inner spirit” and a description inspired by the stars.

My birthday happens to fall on September 24th, so if you look closely at the photo below, and from there you can see that it correctly labelled me as a Virgo-Libra Cusp (something I am amazed they thought to include!), my lucky number is six, and they’ve described my strengths as “kaleidoscopic, eccentric and competent” — take that as you will.

At the bottom, you can see that they noted the scents that have been customised for my birthdate candle: a floral blend of hydrangea, peony and jasmine. Heavenly! On the back, each zodiac-themed candle will assign you a tarot card and tell you what your ruling planet is.

Birthdate candle
Image: Birthdate Co.

How much are zodiac candles and where can I buy one?

You can buy one here from Birthdate Co.’s website for $67. However, they’re currently on sale for $53 so swoop in while you can. If you add two or more to your cart, then you’ll also receive free shipping on your order.

To place an order, select shop now and from there, the website will ask you to pick which month you were born in, then your birthdate. In mere seconds, you’ll be presented with your personalised candle with a unique reading for your birthdate.

Plus, if you really want to nail a friend’s birthday gift this year, check out Birthdate Co.’s Birthdate Books as well. They’re a 70-page, made-to-order book that includes a map of the stars and the alignment of the planets on the exact date you were born. They also happen to be on sale at present, currently selling for $133 (down from $160). It’s a more in-depth keepsake that your friend will treasure for years to come.

Shop the Birthdate Candles here for $55.

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