7 Diaries To Help You Get Your Life Together In 2022

7 Diaries To Help You Get Your Life Together In 2022
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This is your gentle nudge to start thinking about that New Year resolution. With 2022 almost upon us, it’s time to consider what goals you want to achieve next year and what better way to do that than with a new diary?

While we may have our smartphone calendars to keep us in the know about our busy schedules, there’s nothing more meditative than physically writing down your plans. That said, a diary doesn’t have to be limited to planning the week ahead. Nowadays, diaries are becoming more tailored towards setting goals or expressing gratitude. It has become so much more than creating a to-do list and more like a snapshot that allows you to look back on what you’ve achieved in a positive way.

We’ve rounded up our top picks below to help you get organised ahead of January 1.

For the minimalist

A 2022 diary from Papier
Image: Papier

Papier is the ruler of the diary game, no doubt. It makes stunning, high quality diaries every year with designs that cater to everyone’s taste. This is your pretty standard diary — it comes with daily, weekly and monthly overviews, space for your to-dos, smooth pages and a little ribbon marker to find your place with ease next time.

Shop yours here for $43.34 (down from $50.99). But if this cover isn’t for you, never fear because they have dozens of other designs to choose from here.

For literary lovers

Little Prince moleskin diary can both daily and weekly pages
Image: Moleskine

Perfect for fans of The Little Prince and Moleskine lovers. This limited edition diary features Le Petit Prince’s fox embossed on the cover, instructions to make an origami fox as well as illustrations inspired by the original French classic.

Plus, if you’re more of a daily planner vs a weekly planner, you have the option to choose your preference. Or, you know, porque no los dos?

Pick up your copy here for $35.67.

For those who love a vintage touch

An old-fashioned 2021 diary
Image: Paperbacks

This one’s for those of you who dream of sitting in the window seat of an old Victorian manor, scribbling away in your journal as you think of a flirtation with a certain fine gentleman from last night’s ball.

Reminiscent of Renaissance-style leather boundings, the look of this 2022 planner is a homage to the gold tooling which was brought to Europe from the East’s flourishing trade routes.

Shop the Sierra 2022 diary here for $27.95.

For the go-getters

7 Diaries To Help You Get Your Life Together In 2022
Image: UrBestSelf

From the makers of the 6-Minute Journal comes the 6-Minute Success Journal. This 2022 diary is designed to help you set and achieve focused but relaxed goals. On each page, it calls attention to mindfulness and encourages you to reflect on what you’re grateful for, what you want to focus on and what you’re looking forward to. Each week even comes with a habit tracker, so you can build good ones and discard bad ones.

If your New Year’s resolution was to be better, smarter and humbler, this is the diary for you.

Pick up one here for $38.90.

For those who prefer an undated planner

7 Diaries To Help You Get Your Life Together In 2022
Image: Clever Fox

Designed for those of you who can’t commit to a full-blown year of journaling, this 90-day diary by Clever Fox caters more towards the goal-oriented. This three month diary helps you set your goals, break them into actionable stages and ensure that you make every day count.

It comes in a premium gift box, equipped with inner pockets to store your notes and six sheets of colourful stickers.

Shop it here for $59.21.

For the spiritually aware

Yasmin Boland's 2022 Moonology diary
Image: Hay House

Bestselling astrology and Moonologer Yasmin Boland is back with her new 2022 diary — and help you become more in tune with the moon. Moonology Diary 2022 is full of pages that will inspire and guide you towards the life of your dreams.

Inside this diary you’ll learn how to become attuned to the energies of key events, keep track of the moon, write down your wishes and watch them come true throughout the year.

Get your copy of Moonology Diary 2022 here for $17.75 (down from $21.99).

For left-handers to rejoice

A left-hander's 2022 diary
Image: Andrews McMeel Publishing

As a left-hander, I will admit that this is a totally biased inclusion. But somebody has to think of the little guys, even if it’s one of the little guys.

If you’re like me and you struggle to fill in the pages of any diary because your hand rests uncomfortably on top of the spiral, you’re about to happy-cry. All of this one’s daily planning pages are — get this — on the left side!

Let’s look forward to no more awkwardly re-positioning our hand while writing or glaring at the little rectangular imprints on the side of our palms.

You can get the Left-Handers 2022 Diary here for $19.25, down from $28.

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