Your Fitbit Can Now Let You Know Whether You Snore

Your Fitbit Can Now Let You Know Whether You Snore

Sleep tracking is a great way to learn more about your unconscious nighttime habits. You can find out if you wake up throughout the night, what your heart rate is like hour-by-hour, and whether the quality of your sleep is up to snuff. Fitbit is now adding a new metric to its sleep tracking capabilities, giving you the option to record snoring and other noises while you’re passed out for the night.

If you sleep next to another person, it’s possible they are already more than happy to let you know whether or not you have a snoring problem. Not only will your Fitbit likely be more patient about your snoring, it can let you know about any other noises you happen to make throughout the night. If you learn these noises are disrupting your sleep, hopefully you can do something about them.

What devices are compatible with Fitbit’s Snore & Noise Detect?

Fitbit is rolling out its new Snore & Noise Detect feature to the Sense and Versa 3 smartwatches. We don’t have enough information at this time to say whether the feature currently works with the Fitbit Versa 2.

Unfortunately, this option is only available for those who are actively subscribed to a Fitbit Premium subscription. If you want to try out Snore & Noise Detect right now, Fitbit offers a 90-day free trial of Premium; with it, you will also gain access to meditation, daily readiness score, sleep tools, games and challenges, and other features.

How to set up Snore & Noise Detect on your Fitbit

To get started, open your Fitbit app and head to the Sleep section. Here, you’ll find a page detailing the Check for snoring feature; tap Learn More, and you’ll see that this new feature records “Sound intensity,” which looks for how loud or how quiet your sleep noises are, and “Snoring events,” in which Fitbit looks for “snore-specific” noises.

Tap Next, and you’ll learn a little more about how Fitbit runs this feature. It relies on your Fitbit’s internal microphone to record the different metrics throughout the night. Once the Fitbit detects that you’ve fallen asleep, it will sample your environment every few seconds, so a full night’s sleep will result in quite a lot of sound data. You can delete your snore and noise data at any time, and you can disable the feature whenever you want.

Tap AGREE & CONTINUE, and Fitbit will automatically turn on the feature. If you’d prefer to disable the feature later, you can do so via the toggle next to Snore & Noise Detect. Finally, tap DONE to exit back to the Fitbit app.


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