This Smart Composter Will Give Your Food Scraps a Second Life Without the Smell

This Smart Composter Will Give Your Food Scraps a Second Life Without the Smell
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Sustainable tech brand Pela has been garnering a fair bit of attention this week for its latest waste management development.

As Apartment Therapy has reported, the company that brought us compostable phone cases has announced it has now developed a smart composter that claims to turn waste into compost in 24 hours.

The eco-focused kitchen appliance, Lomi, is intended to turn “food scraps, organic waste, certified compostable packaging and certified home bioplastics into compost at the push of a button”.

Pela claims that households have the capacity to reduce the waste they send into landfill by 50 per cent by tossing kitchen waste into the Lomi appliance, rather than tossing it into the bin.

How does this work?

A combination of heat, abrasion and oxygen is credited as being the powerful team that helps break down organic waste. The brand states that this works kind of like a sped-up (and less stinky) version of the job earthworms perform in your standard compost.

The final product, Pela shares, is a “natural source of soil nutrients that increase the organic content of soil, helping plant growth and soil enrichment” – something that all us plant parents could likely use.

Where can I get one?

For now, Lomi is still only available via Indiegogo, but it appears that an international release is on the cards. Fingers crossed!

If you can’t afford to wait, however, this isn’t the only smart device in the composting world. The Wall Street Journal recently wrote about the burgeoning trend and reviewed the performance of Envirocycle Compostersavailable on Amazon for $389.99, Bamboozleavailable on Amazon for $56.00, Uncommon Goods’ Living Composter and Vitamix’s Foodcycler.

Many of these options appear to be available for shipping into Australia, so there’s nothing really getting in the way of you kicking off your new stink-free compost habit if you’re keen.


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