All of iiNet’s Prepaid Plans Have Been Slashed by 50%

All of iiNet’s Prepaid Plans Have Been Slashed by 50%
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Are you constantly capping your mobile data, despite your best efforts? If you’re sick of paying extra for frequent data recharges, iiNet might be the answer you’re looking for. The telco is currently offering a 50% discount off all of its prepaid mobile plans, meaning you can get 40GB of mobile data for only $15 per recharge.

iiNet’s discounted prepaid plans

If you’re not a big data user, you can get a decent 16GB of data for $12.50 per recharge. However, if you’re willing to spend an extra $2.50 per recharge, you can bump up that data to an impressive 40GB.

For $20 per recharge you can get 55GB of data each month. That’s a $5 and 15GB difference from the previous plan, which, while not as impressive as the difference between the 16GB and 40GB plans, is still some pretty good value.

This 50% discount lasts for your first six recharges with iiNet, so you can save yourself $59.94 to $119.94, depending on which plan you take. Each recharge lasts a month, so if you’re smart with your data usage you can get these discounted prepaid plans for six months. And since these are prepaid plans, you’re free to swap to a different provider once the deal period has ended.

How do iiNet’s prepaid plans compare to other mobile plans?

When compared to other mobile phone plans, both of iiNet’s 16GB and 40GB prepaid plans offer the best value on the market. Most other mobile phone plans within the 15GB to 40GB data range sit within the monthly price of $19.80 to $25.

You can check out how iiNet’s prepaid phone plans compare to its competitors within a similar data range in the table below.

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