4 Housewarming Gifts That Will Actually Get Used

4 Housewarming Gifts That Will Actually Get Used

Yay! Someone in your life has moved into their new digs and invited you round to celebrate. But what to bring? You need a great housewarming gift.

This list is all about the things that will actually get used. We all know plenty of people will rock up to a housewarming party with wine. And it’s always appreciated, believe me. But the art of a great housewarming gift is finding something that is needed but rarely thought of. I’m talking practical — and potentially life-altering. These are the housewarming gifts I wish someone had given me.

Thoughtful and practical housewarming gifts

Stanley screwdriver set

I got myself this screwdriver set when I bought my house because I had lots of flatpack to assemble and, let’s be honest, allen keys suck. In the five years since then, that screwdriver set has enabled me to fix all sorts of things — including many pairs of glasses because it comes with a nifty set of tiny screwdrivers too. You could also go with a couple of shifting spanners as a housewarming gift, perfect for assembling things like bed frames. If tools are not your forte, don’t be afraid to ask the staff at Bunnings for help — they’re so honest one of them told me to check deceased estate sales for the best tools.

Dwarf fruit tree

Even if your mate’s new place only has a small balcony, you can still squeeze in a dwarf fruit tree. Go a citrus variety and it will provide greenery all year round, and fruit that will actually get used even if they don’t cook a lot — lemons, limes and oranges all work wonders in cocktails too. Plus, they’re low maintenance, so you don’t need to be a real green thumb to keep them alive. For a slightly smaller scale, you could put together a mini herb garden as a nice housewarming gift. Basil, flat-leaf parsley, oregano, thyme and sage will all get a good run during dinner parties. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, grab a copy of Crops In Tight Spots by Alex Mitchell as a gift instead. It offers great tips on how to grow fruit and veggies in small spaces — even in the bathroom.

Sunfresh Clothes airer

Before you say “all clothes hoists are the same,” no, you are wrong. Those old school white ones that you find hidden behind laundry doors are an absolute nightmare. Don’t be a terrible friend and gift your mate one of those. The Sunfresh one is easy to assemble, has 19 metres of hanging space, and is sturdy enough to take a full load of washing. Plus is quite compact so it doesn’t take over your balcony or lounge room.


I treated myself to a skillet only recently and I seriously regret not buying one years ago. It can be a real splurge of a housewarming gift, depending on the size and brand you go with. But a good skillet will help you cook everything from the perfect steak, to paella and even skillet cookie (yes, a giant cookie, all in one pan). It also doubles as a weapon, if you’ve seen Tangled.

You can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine, too. The more the merrier.

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