A Guide to Reselling Your PS4

A Guide to Reselling Your PS4

While everyone’s attention may be on Sony’s new PlayStation 5, let’s not forget about the PS4.

Maybe you’ve secured your shiny new PS5 and are wondering what the heck to do with your old console. Or maybe you’d like to make some money that you can put towards paying off that PS5 pre-order.  No matter the reason, the good news is that there is still plenty of value to a used PS4.

What should you do with your PS4 console?

When it comes to what to do with that PS4 instead of letting it gather dust, you have options.

Gumtree saw over 100,000 searches for PS4 consoles over the two weeks prior to the PS5’s release (1 November – 14 November). This shows it’s not just the PS5 that is a hot commodity.

Let’s brainstorm some ideas here… You could:

  • Trade-in your PS4 at your local games store.
  • Gift your PS4 to a lucky family member or friend.
  • Throw your beloved PS4 in the bin. Although that’s not advised.
  • Keep your PS4 as a second console (the PS4 offers PS5 remote play if you can’t get to your TV room).
  • Re-sell your PS4 online.

If you’re looking to make some money off your PS4, you’re probably better off trying to sell it yourself. That way, you can avoid some of the merciless trade-in rates. This can be easier said than done, however.

How to Prepare your PS4 for Resale

Lucky for you, Gumtree has some handy tips on selling your old PS4 online.

  1. Preparation is key: The first step to selling a used console is clearing everything belonging to you and preparing it for a new owner. This includes backing up your games on a compatible external device with a minimum of 250GB free storage, for a seamless transition between the PS4 and PS5. Finally, give the console exterior a good clean and make sure you’ve gathered all bits and pieces that go with the console, including cables and adaptors. If you have kept the original packaging, receipt or warranty documentation, this can add huge resale value.
  2. Be descriptive: Be as descriptive as possible and try to include as much information about your PS4, including the year you purchased it, the features, and why you’re selling it. Be honest about the condition of your used PS4 and be sure to document any marks, scratches or cracks in the upfront description and include this in the photos. If you’ve also gone to the trouble of restoring factory settings or holding onto the warranty documents, be sure to make a note of this – the buyers will thank you later!
  3. Take photos: When it comes to selling second hand on Gumtree, the effort you go to with photographing your used item really pays off! In this case, many people are looking to trade up their used PS4 for the new console, so be sure to stand out with excellent quality photos. To do this, take your console to a brightly lit area, and take photos from a variety of angles. Gumtree lets you upload up to 9 photos, so capitalise on this.
  4. Do your research: Before you settle on a price to list your used PS4, do some initial desktop research. Know the worth of your used console by comparing the costs of new and other used PS4s online, and reflect on the condition of yours to put forward a reasonable offer.
  5. First impressions count: With plenty of users looking to trade up their old PS4, a friendly and prompt interaction will make all the difference to prospective buyers. Be sure to respond quickly to messages from potential buyers; stay on top of interest by turning on notifications in the Gumtree app, and be friendly and helpful in your dealings with fellow Gummies.
  6. Trade safely: When exchanging an item face to face, meet in a neutral location and try to bring a friend or family member along with you. If you would prefer not to meet up, you can add the ‘Contactless Trade’ badge on your listing – this signals that you are following COVID-19 safety precautions and would consider leaving items in an accessible area to exchange. Use PayPal for contactless payment or utilise delivery via Sendle.

Treat your PS4 like the gift it is. It’s served you well and you should let its next owner know its worth. Hopefully, the buyer will realise that and also pay you for it appropriately.

On the other hand, if you’ve been waiting for this exact moment to grab yourself a PS4 on the cheap then look no further. Online marketplace sites have seen an influx of second-hand electronics recently. Gumtree saw the Electronics and Gaming category rise by a huge 35% in the back end of October, meaning now is the perfect time to grab a working console for less.

Whether buying or selling your PS4, may the console gods look favourably upon you.

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