Watching All 1004 Classic Looney Tunes Cartoons at Once Is the Perfect White Noise Generator

Watching All 1004 Classic Looney Tunes Cartoons at Once Is the Perfect White Noise Generator
Contributor: Alex Kidman

It’s also technically the fastest way to binge watch every single Bugs Bunny appearance, although you’ll need to squint a bit, so it’s arguably a better cartoon white noise generator anyway.

With a tip of the hat to noted comics writer and scholar (and, fact fans, the man responsible for Scrappy Doo) Mark Evanier, here’s a video that’s been up on YouTube for quite some time now, comprising every single Looney Tunes and Merrie Melody cartoon to come out of Warner Brothers from 1929’s Bosko, the Talk-Ink Kid through to 1969’s Talk-Ink Kid.

Because your time is precious though, you probably don’t quite have the time to watch all 1004 classic ‘toons sequentially. So they play all at once, which is equal parts glorious, insane and even a little bit melancholic when you get to the end and many of the clips fade out because they’ve ended.

However, before you scroll past thinking that this is just another one of those stupid internet things, there’s also a potential use for this kind of organised chaos, because once you get past 1004 renditions of ‘The Merry Go Round Broke Down’, what you end up with sounds an awful lot like crowd noise.

Feeling a little cooped up right now – as so many of us are – and want to create the sensation of being in a big crowd? Anywhere past about 30 seconds in has you sorted to chase those blues away.

Equally, chatting with the Lifehacker staff this morning – virtually, because it is 2020 – it became apparent that many of us use effective white noise to help our own concentration, whether it’s listening to trashy pop music to ambient sounds, TV news or similar.

This could serve the same function for you, working as a cartoon white noise generator. White noise can be a huge booster to your productivity when you’re trying to work. If you fancy a quieter time, they start tapering off around 7 minutes or so as the shorter ‘toons finish, at which point you can almost pick out snippets of conversations.

Or, you know, you could squint really hard and try to take in each and every cartoon as and when they scroll by.

Good luck with that.

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