How To Listen To Library Audiobooks On Sonos

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Bibliophiles rejoice: Sonos now integrates with Libby, the app from audio and e-book service OverDrive, which connects you to free content from your local public library.

This means you can check out audiobooks and listen to them on your Sonos speaker rather than having to carry your mobile device from room to room. All you need is a library card. (If you don’t have one already, you may still be able to apply for a card online even if your local branch is temporarily closed.)

Linking your Libby account to your Sonos speaker takes just a few steps:

1. Open your Sonos app and go to Settings > Services & Voice. Under Music & Content, select Add a Service (on desktop, go to Select a Music Source > Add Music Services) and scroll down to Libby by OverDrive.

Screenshot: Melissa Kirsch

2. Select Libby by OverDrive. You’ll be prompted to log into your Libby account. If you don’t have one already, you’ll need to either download the Libby app or go to and link your library card.

Screenshot: Melissa Kirsch

3. You’ll then need to authorise Sonos to connect to Libby. Tap Authorise.

Screenshot: Melissa Kirsch

4. You’ll be redirected to a browser window to enter a setup code.

Screenshot: Melissa Kirsch

To get this code, go back to Libby (either the app or desktop version) and long-press the Menu icon in the upper-right corner. You’ll have only 60 seconds to enter the code before it expires.

Screenshot: Melissa Kirsch

Once the code is accepted, you can go back to Sonos to confirm that your accounts are connected.

5. Name your Libby account in the Sonos app.

Screenshot: Melissa Kirsch

6. Use Libby just like you would any other Sonos integration. It’ll appear alongside other music or audio sources under Browse (on the mobile app) or in your music source list on desktop.

Screenshot: Emily Long

Libby syncs across devices, so you’ll keep your place even if you switch from listening on your Sonos to listening on your phone.

Keep in mind that you keep your checked-out audiobooks for only a limited period set by your library, and they’ll disappear when your time is up. And, of course, you’re limited to the books your local library has available—which means you’ll be on the waiting list for bestsellers just like everyone else.


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