Which Australian Cinemas Are Showing ‘The Irishman’?

The latest film from celebrated Hollywood director Martin Scorcese, The Irishman, is on the way but not without a generous sprinkling of controversy. The Netflix-produced mafia drama is being released in cinemas before it hits Netflix on 27 November for an exclusive streaming run, but theatre companies are boycotting the film across the globe, including in Australia. Here’s where you can still watch it.

Which Australian cinemas are showing The Irishman?

Only a few cinemas across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, ACT and Western Australia will show the move with South Australians, Tasmanians and those in the Northern Territory missing out. Additionally, anyone living in regional towns will have to travel to their state’s major cities if they want to glimpse the mafia marathon viewing themselves in the following fortnight. Check out the full list below:


  • Dendy Opera Quays
  • Dendy Newtown
  • Hayden Orpheum
  • Ritz Cinemas Randwick


  • Classic Cinemas
  • Lido Cinemas
  • Cameo Cinemas


  • Dendy Cooparoo
  • Dendy Portside


  • Dendy Canberra


  • The Backlot

Why are other theatres boycotting Netflix’s The Irishman?

When new movies are released to cinemas in the United States, it’s convention that they get exclusive screening rights for a period of 72 days. Netflix, who fully funded the reportedly $US159 million production, decided to break convention, according to Business Insider, and offer cinemas a 45-day streaming window. As a result, cinemas in the US have decided to boycott the film entirely meaning it’s only being screened in only a handful of theatres across the country.

And Australians are not immuned to this impasse. Both Events and Hoyts cinemas won’t be showing the movie before its released on Netflix, according to Business Insider. That means for those keen to watch the three-hour film before it hits the streaming service will need to do some research beforehand to figure out where it’s actually screening.

The Irishman is in selected cinemas now or you could wait until it’s released on Netflix on 27 November. Peep the trailer below.

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