Make Frozen Teethers With Baby Food Pouches

We are at a stage with our infant son where every unexplained expression of discontentment is met with the question: “Do you think he’s teething?” Right now, it’s likely that he is. He’s drooly and a little fussy, and whenever I let him feel the “cold” of a canned beverage straight out of the fridge, he grabs it and holds it to his tiny mouth, giving me a look that says, “Thank you for the sweet, sweet relief.”

I’ve given him this classic teething banana and he seems to enjoy it. What also helps are these DIY teethers. They’re so easy to make: You just take a baby food pouch, squeeze various shapes onto a tray lined with nonstick paper, and place it in the freezer. A few hours later, your baby can gnaw on the frozen pieces, soothing their sore gums.

Any baby food pouch can work, though the ones with thicker consistencies are easier to draw with. The teethers are appropriate for infants who have started solid foods — they melt it their mouths, and as I discovered last night, in their hands, hair and all over their faces, too.

The best part is they double as a cool snack on a warm day. I may have taken a small bite — they’re quite tasty.


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