Shopper Alert: Bunnings Is Having A Huge Online Sale

Shopper Alert: Bunnings Is Having A Huge Online Sale
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Got a DIY project or bare backyard in need of sorting? Bunnings is offering some great deals on a wide range if items right now via its eBay store. From eskies to storage units, tables, gazebos and more, there’s sure to be something you need at a great price. (The only thing you’ll miss is the sausage!)

Here are some of the best deals that caught our eye. (You can view the full sale catalog at the Bunnings Pop Up Store at Ebay.)

Esky 52L Wheeled Hard Cooler – $89

No need to put your back or shoulder out when carting beverages and food on picnics, camping or when you’re settling in for a fun time at a friend’s place.

Saxon 40cm Push Cylinder Hand Lawn Mower – $65

A hand mower is a great way to look after a small lawn. This five-blade mover has four different cutting settings so you can manicure your lawn perfectly.

Lifetime 66 x 46 x 61-71cm Blow Mould Table – $28.95

Whether you need somewhere to pop the BBQ supplies, of some extra space in the office, this table is handy and folds away when not needed.

Here are some products that caught our eye. (You can view the full sale catalog at the Bunnings Pop Up Store at Ebay.)

Lifetime 82.5cm Children’s Blow Mould Picnic Table – $79.00

Most kids don’t feel the cold. So why not give them a place to sit and play comfortably outside? This picnic table is lightweight, portable and functional, with built in bench seating, perfect for your children and their friends to enjoy.

Sunfresh 4 Line Retractable Clothesline – $67.00

It can be a pain to get the washing dry in winter. But if you have a covered area like a garage or verandah, a retractable clothesline is a great way to have a place for the washing that doesn’t have to clutter up part of your yard or home.

Morgan Stainless Steel Twin Compartment Pedal Bin – $39.00

A perfect waste solution for the environment conscious household, Morgan’s double pedal bin is fantastic for sorting your rubbish and recycling from day to day

Jumbuck Rondo Mini Spit Charcoal Roaster – $78.90

Winter is a great time for a warm spit roast dinner. This lightweight and portable Jumbuck Rondo Mini Spit Roaster is ideal for achieving slow, even cooking of large pieces of meat over a wood or heat bead fuelled fire

Flexion 350 x 300 x 225cm Oxford Mesh Gazebo – $109.00

Set up some quick shelter in just a few minutes with this pop-up gazebo. Ideal for camping or expanding your backyard undercover space.

Coleman 2.4 x 2.4m Compact Gazebo- $119
I bought one of these over the summer to take camping and it’s great. It’s easy to popup and put away, is solid and looks good as well.

Maze 160L Roto Twin Compost Tumbler – $110
This is another item I bought recently. It’s compact and, as the scraps are secured off the ground, you don’t have to worry about attracting rodents.

Fiammetta 126 x 46 x 46cm Silver Outdoor Patio Heater – $99
Winter is coming. Which means you’ll want to stay warm when you’re outside. It can provide heat to an area of up to 12 square metres and has an oxygen depletion sensor to keep you safe.


  • A sausage at Bunnings is not wanted or acceptable.
    It is cooked in an unlicensed, unhealthy environment among people who are coughing and sneezing (airborne particles from a sneeze can travel 4 metres or more) vehicle exhaust fumes, people and children who drop the food pieces on the ground (I saw an elderly man slip on one) and overpriced way beyond reason. (all the cash goes to a charity …. NO)

    • A sausage at Bunnings is wanted and acceptable.
      Cooked in the real world, by real people, for a real reason.
      Thanks for your concern but Find something better to do.

    • The sausage is optional. Simply donate to the worthy cause they’re funding for and move on.

      To be honest, the way you’ve described the sausage sizzle sounds more like a Richard Scarry cartoon than what I usually witness outside Bunnings.

  • The Grinch has nothing on you Javelo. So all those people paying $40 at a footpath restaurant setting at Surfers Paradise or many other such places are ok. The people around them are clean coughers, the exhaust fumes from BMW and Mercedes Benz are much nicer and you can be half stonkered on alcohol and its still way better than the old sausage sanger at Bunnings for $2.50.
    I suggest you buy your hardware at Gucci or Tiffany’s and that way you will not have to put up with the deplorable’s that frequent Bunnings

  • All Bunnings stores have a licence to serve food and drink and there is always a person with a Responsible Serving of Food Certificate on the crew selling the snags. So all in all the Javelo is talking out of the back of his head( I am being polite here) Always check on your facts before putting yourself out here on the internet.
    I might add that I am one of those coughing and sneezing people , who I might add has an RSF and one of the first things you are taught when completing the course, if you are sick don’t serve.
    I also know that the money does go to the charity.

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