Freedom’s New Chrome Extension Forces You To Pause Before Opening A Distracting Site

If you end up on distracting sites “accidentally”, download the Pause extension for Chrome. Instead of blocking distracting sites, Pause throws up a blank green screen for five seconds, forcing you to pause. Then you can click to go to the actual site. (You can also click to disable pausing on that site for the next 24 hours.)

The extension comes from Freedom, makers of our favourite distraction-killing content blocker. They loaded Pause with a long blacklist including social media, several news sites and porn. You can add or delete sites on the Settings page.

I’m a big fan of Freedom, but sometimes I get frustrated by its powerful blocking tools. It’s especially frustrating because some of the sites I use for work, such as Reddit and Twitter, I also use as distractions. Having a pause rather than a block helps me check in, and think about whether I really need to open that site right now.

Pause | Chrome Web Store


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