This Modded Roomba Screams When It Bumps Into Things

I’m a fan of automating as much stuff as possible which is why I have a Roomba. Also, while I don’t mind some housework, vacuuming is an activity I reserve for when I need to engage in Stage 3 Procrastination (Stage 4, the most extreme level, involves cleaning the toilet). But Michael Reeves has come up with a Roomba mod that, I think, will have me pressing the start button on my robotic vacuum cleaner more often.

Before you hit the play button on this be aware that there is a lot of very strong profanity used. So, perhaps grab the headphones or wait till you’re not in the office before watching.

The magic happens with a Raspberry Pi, Bluetooth speaker and some sensors and other bits and pieces. It all fits inside the Roomba so, outwardly, this looks pretty much like your regular cleaning robot.

The vocals, as you can tell from the start of the video are computer generated but Reeves improves things by using actual voices from fans of his YouTube channel. As well as some very R-rated cursing when the robot bangs into something, there is a “kid-friendly” mode which just utters blood-curdling screams and some less fruity exclamations.


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