There’s A Giant Cucumber-Shaped Gin Bar In Darling Harbour Right Now

We like big things here at Lifehacker. We’re also partial to a gin cocktail (or three.) Our interest was subsequently piqued by the news that a giant cucumber-shaped gin bar has popped up at Darling Harbour’s Cockle Bay. Here’s the skinny.

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Darling Harbour is one of those Sydney locations that’s always chocker-block with pretty sites and cool photo ops. From the picturesque harbour view to the stonkingly good cityscape, there’s no shortage of great views to fill up your Instagram with. Welp, things just got kicked up a notch with the creation of cucumber-shaped gin bar in Cockle Bay. No, really.

We guess it makes sense. If there’s anything tourists should know about us Aussies, it’s that we love massive versions of everyday things like cucumbers (see: The Big Banana, The Big Prawn and Big Pineapple. We could go on.)

In line with the pop-up, there’s also a ‘cucumber currency’ system in place whereby you can pick up a cuke from the kiosk and exchange it for a free gin & tonic at the participating bars around Darling Harbour.

Um, can this cucumber economy always exist? I mean, going out would be a LOT more affordable. Plus, you’d have portable green prodders for when your mates start dozing off in the cab – a win/win scenario IMO, but I digress.

Now one thing you’re still probably wondering is ‘why is the cucumber-themed kiosk even there in the first place?’.

The unexpected addition to our bless’d foreshore is thanks to Hendricks Gin, which is oddly infused with cucumber and rose, unlike any other gin.

So go on, round up your gin-loving mates and get thee to the cucumber bar because the quirky pop-up will only be down at Darling Harbour until the 23rd March 2019.

Oh, and in case you want to make a day of it, here are the participating haunts to add to your map:

  1. Helm
  2. The Port
  3. Tokio Hotel
  4. Bluefish
  5. Blackbird
  6. Watershed
  7. Planar
  8. 8HBK


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